How Social Media Can Make History


The presenter of How Social Media Can Make History was to educate the audience onthe evolution of media through the 20th century. He explained how the Global Media andSocial Media are extremely effective through use of the internet around the world. ClayShirky gave examples of how at times Governments or organizations will use, oppose, orsuppress this to meet their needs or requirements.


I agree with the presenter’s concepts on how the media can be controlled to theadvantages of some organizations. I am not convinced that the Government or anyorganization should have control to suppress media. I believe the new technology hasaffected social conscious to the point of many levels of Government, are now beingchallenged. This is due to the impact of uncensored information being displayed by alternative media.


In the ever changing world we live in today, the need to keep current with technologyis necessary or maybe even mandatory. If we fail to keep updated we will be left withoutskills and knowledge to be competent in our work, difficulty in maintaining our socialcircle, and amongst other things as well. An example of this is you can no longer drive toa video store and rent a movie. You options are to download the movie through a website,order it on line, or you may be lucky to find an electronic store locally that sells DVD’s.


In my personal life I have had limited use of social media by choice. In today’s worldtechnology is an ever changing world. I have the opportunity to communicate through a secure media system with both my students and work colleagues. I must admit that I use this system for other requirements but not communication. There are many advantages for me to use this social media tool. I have the opportunity to do this as a group or an individual basis.


Ted, Ideas Worth Spreading Clay Shirky, How Social Media Can Make History, retrieved October 3, 2011

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2 Responses to How Social Media Can Make History

  1. derekricher says:

    Mary, you have composed a worthwhile discussion on Clay Shirky’s video. and the extensive impact of social media on our lives. Like you, I was once disinterested in social media, either considering it a waste of time or a risk to my privacy. It is interesting to consider the viewpoints of others since they do much to inform us about the overall social and technological shift in our lives. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. Happy blogging. Derek.

  2. derekricher says:

    Mary, I like your reference to the demise of most video rental stores as this indicates how society is being corralled into online options for social discourse. In some respects this is more convenient, especially if one likes to watch classic movies – as I do; there are thousands of classic films now posted on Youtube. However, we should be mindful of the loss of direct human contact that has occurred from even just the decline of visits to video stores. I used to enjoy chatting with staff at Videomatica about films. However, I am a member of Limelight Video on Alma, and do visit that outlet whenever I’m in the vicinity of UBC. Well, I think I’ll sign off now and take a look for a rare movie on Youtube. Derek.

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