Technology in Education with Web 2.0 Tools.

Assignment 2

Article 1

In the article Study Suggest Benefits of Social Media in the Classroom the author talks about trends for today’s educational system from kindergarten to post secondary education. This has been evolving over time, but is quickly changing in the twenty-first century. These trends are moving towards increased social media in all facets of learning.

And the studies have revealed that the student’s achievement is enhanced with the benefit of social media. He speaks about the many benefits to the learner. They include improved success rates when there are connections with other learners, increased interest with their studies, better equipped for classes/lectures, greater abilities to communicate ideas, and increased collaboration with peers.

He goes on to state that this is being done through multiple forms. Some educational institutes have used Saywire, Facebook, Ning platform, podcasts, computers, and mobile computing to name a few. With today’s increasing technologies, new tools are constantly being introduced for use with social media.

With increased technology in the learning environment the Instructor has responsibilities. These include setting up guidelines, monitoring, keep current with technology, and have support systems in place.

Reference: Study Suggests Benefits of Social Media in the Classroom – – retrieved October 9, 2012

Article 2

In the article Children’s Educational Technology: The Trends the author enlightens the reader of how technology is changing and affecting all ages within the education system from kindergarten to post secondary.

The author identifies advantages to the teachers of using social media. This includes using the internet to provide pre-lecture materials, modify lesson plans, tracking student’s progress/goals, modifying content to meet the student’s needs and collaborating and sharing information with other Instructors.

Studies have shown that the benefits to students are increased motivation, enhanced engagement, and taking ownership of their work. He reminds us that not all learning occurs within the classroom setting.

A negative aspect of using social media for all users is the need to validate information retrieved. Comfort with technology is different for everyone, and some may fear using it. He reminds the reader that not all skills can be taught using apps. There is still the need for the traditional method of instruction at times.

He identifies that it order for social media to be effective in the classroom, it requires other systems to be in place. Some of the systems mentioned in this article are the need for teachers to continually exam trends, ongoing evaluation to monitor outcomes and a skilled support system from administration.

Reference: Children’s Education Technology: The Trends – – retrieved October 8, 2012

Article 3

While researching Web 2.0 tools, I found the Collaborize Classroom tool. It is structured and stimulates creativity within a private and secure site and requires no software.

This web based tool offers numerous benefits to both the student and the Instructor. It allows the Instructor the ability to post on-line assignments, practice quizzes/test, projects, PDF files, multimedia, resources and track the student’s activity and participation to name a few.

When you as an Instructor create an online vote or poll, you will be able to create a graph with the outcomes.

It involves students to be more engaged, their quality of work improves, allows ability to provide peer feedback, and receive Instructor feedback. The students that are disengaged usually become engaged in this type of environment.

Reference: – retrieved October 12, 2012

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