The Game Layer on Top of the World


The video The Game Layer on Top of the World by Seth Priebatsch was to educate the audience on how social media has influenced and taken control over the world. He believes that the social frame work is now complete and the next layer of social media is the game framework. According to Seth this layer is still in the development stage and has four (4) dynamics. They include appointment, influence and status, progression and communal discovery. According to his theory each of these dynamics play a different role in social media. He goes on to give his opinion on each dynamic. During the appointment dynamic people are drawn to an event or task at a certain time. The influence and status dynamic allows one person to have influence over another persons actions. Progression dynamic success is being evaluated and displayed. And the final dynamic is communal where a group or community is formed to collaborate to complete a task.


I agree with the presenter’s views on how people become so drawn in the game, that it can take control of their lives. One example used was Farmville, and how seventy million people play this on-line game. It requires the person to return to the game at a rigid time, or there will be negative consequences. In his opinion the game framework will influences good and bad conduct.


There are benefits to this layer of social media, such as networking and collaboration. Any user of the game layer should be aware of the consequences that may transpire with this type of social media. This can affect many aspects of life, such as jobs, relationships, and health to name a few. Each of the dynamics that Seth makes reference to have desirable outcomes and adverse outcomes.


I am not convinced that his theory will benefit me in my personal life. I can see some advantage as an Instructor to integrating communal discovery in the class room. This may assist my students to work collaboratively. As with any social media introduced in the classroom it requires the Instructor to set guidelines, monitoring, and keeping current with the technology.


Ted, Ideas Worth Spreading by Seth Priebatsch – – retrieved on October 10, 2012

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