Twitter in Education

Journal Entry # 3


In the video The Growing use of Twitter by Today’s Educators by Emerging Ed Tech the speaker focuses on the use of Twitter in education. His data was based on studies done in 2009 and 2010. The statistics show 35.2% of faculty used Twitter in 2010 compared to 2009 when it was 30.7%. And that 47.9% of faculty have never Tweeted and 16.9 % have stopped using Twitter. The article 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter has the biggest traffic draw.In the presentation he talked about the pros and cons of using Twitter in the classroom. The participates listed benefits of Twitter as a mass communication tool, how it engages students, and students found it non threatening. Disadvantages discussed were the limited functions, it causes distraction, limits verbal communication, material requires validation and student often use incorrect grammar and spelling. The study showed that most faculty are using this as a micro blog service to communicate with colleagues not students. And for on-line instruction the study found that using Twitter was challenging.


Upon reflecting on the video, I do have the same view as the presenter that Twitter has limited functions. I was taken aback that Twitter had so many users. As Educators it is essential to keep up to date with technology, keep our students focused and engaged in their learning. Most students today use a vast range of technology. I think that it is essential for the Educators to start moving towards increased use of social media in the classroom.


There can be benefits to using this social media tool in the classroom. In my opinion in order for this to be safe and effective for both the students and Instructor there needs to be supports in place. Examples are policies and or guidelines for use and support system for both the student and Instructor.


After listening and reflecting on the short video on Twitter in Education I will be more open to looking at options for incorporating the use of social media in my classroom. After researching the article 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter, I have found that the use of Twitter in the classroom could benefit my students. It will allow for the students to work in collaboration, take a poll or survey, brainstorm, and provide mentorship. It is especially important in the field that I teach that students learn to work collaboratively and provide mentorship to each other as student nurses.

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2 Responses to Twitter in Education

  1. Sabita Ram says:

    I also did not realize all the tools that Twitter has to offer. Its an amazing technological tool to introduce into a classroom setting, by introducing this tool, we can effectively communicate with our students. Twitter also allow an for a wide range of collaboration=======. I enjoyed reading your journal entry! Great Job!!!

  2. heppblog says:

    I agree. I always thought Twitter was just for following Hollywood gossip or things like that. Never ocurred to me that we could use Twitter in education. The article 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter opened my eyes as well.

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