Connectivism Learning Theory

What impact does this theory have on developing classroom material?

The traditional method of instructional delivery is not necessarily in the best interest of all students. In this method the Instructor delivers the material by lecturing and the student attempts to absorb what has been lectured.  As an Instructor I must be sensitive to the student’s learning method(s) and to ensure effective delivering of the required material.

Due to the digital age of today’s world this traditional method is proving not to be the best option for the students or Instructor.

The Connectivsm Learning Theory gives the Instructor independence with how the content will be delivered to the students. Allows participates to share their knowledge, experiences and influences with classmates in an interactive way.

Allows for connection of all participates which will encourage them to take ownership of their learning. They will have increased motivation to be participatory and owning their work.

In using the Connectivism Learning Theory the majority of the course will be completed through social and interactive media. Therefore the development of class materials will be more self-directed and on-line instruction.

As the Instructor, I will be the moderator for this style of learning in the classroom. I must be a role model, remain current with technology, knowledge, and provide a positive learning environment. I will be required to make adjustments when needed to benefit the students.

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