Social Learning Theory

What impact does this theory have on developing classroom material?

As an Instructor you are to be a role model for the students. With this theory of learning the students learn by watching the behavior, evaluating it and then performing it. Once the student succeeds they will strive to do better the next time.

It involves being connected with your surroundings. It allows the students to be linked through networking by using social media. This can be done with classmates or internationally. The learner has the opportunity to chat with others, post questions, answer questions, take notes, and share notes.

This theory allows for the user to make money. A user has the opportunity to upload contributions in the marketplace. Then each time that article or work is downloaded the user will receive money for use of the material.

With this theory the Instructor’s must be a role model. You must be conscious of the fact that students have the opportunity to place work produced for others to see and or use. It gives the Instructor the opportunity to upload study aids, review work, post marks, start group discussions, assign group projects, and be connected with students with students need assistance or clarification, This theory can be used as a supplement to the traditional style of classroom teaching.

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One Response to Social Learning Theory

  1. Sabita Ram says:

    Everyone will have their own views on what a “traditional style” of teaching is, but I think that each individual has their own style of learning. By introducing social media, educators will not only be able to evaluate each students understanding of the material, but this style of teaching will connect with today’s students. . Great article!

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