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Teaching Mistakes from the College Classroom

Do you ever think back on some of the teaching techniques you used when you were a new faculty member and just shake your head? To be sure, we all do things differently now than when we were new to the profession.

And while teaching mistakes are made by beginning and veteran faculty alike, it is often the lessons learned early in our careers that stick with us the most.

A favorite among Faculty Focus readers, Teaching Mistakes from the College Classroom is a special report featuring essays from educators across the country willing to share their early-career missteps and how they do things differently now.

Articles in this popular report include:

When Expectations Collide
Things My First Unhappy Student Taught Me
Understanding My Role as Facilitator
Don’t Assume a Student’s Previous Knowledge
What Works in One Culture May Not Work in Another

Although this report is about teaching mistakes, it does so with an eye toward continuous professional growth and development. As Graham Broad, PhD., concludes in his article: “Over the past five years, my teaching has improved by leaps and bounds … I can only assume that, in another five years, I’ll be shaking my head at some of the methods I’m employing now.”

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