Group Wiki Rationale

Group Wiki Mark & Rationale


Breadth and depth of the topic: did we answer what we set out to?

Our wiki has descriptive information that reflects a clear understanding on motivation, factors affecting motivation, and how to engage the adult learner in motivation in the learning environment. Our home page contains detailed information on motivation and further explains the three components of motivation which allows the reader to understand the three components which are involved within the motivation process. Further explanation is given to understand the two types of motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic. This gives the reader a clear understanding of motivation and how it is related to adult education before viewing other subcategories of the wiki. The most common types of motivational theories are also covered on the site with great detail and links are provided on other theories not listed on the wiki.

The wiki also includes characteristics of adult learners which is imperative because as an adult educator you must be aware of the various types of characteristics in order to instruct and motivate each learner to the best of their capabilities. Without this information, motivating adult learners will be challenging and by far very difficult.

Moving on the wiki also discusses the different aspects of barriers which can arise within the motivation process. The main points discussed in this area are an important aspect to motivating adult learners. Adult educators must recognize the barriers and discover a way to destroy this wall in order to obtain success within the educational environment. This further will motivate learners within the learning process and guide them up the ladder of optimal success.

Lastly, the wiki discusses motivational strategies and the different types of strategies that an educator can utilize to further gain the learners attention and increase the motivation to learn. This is a very factual, comprehensive and informative resource for adult educators. The topics relate to and inform each other: one can read some of the theoretical background and then navigate to the ‘practical’ implementation of those theories for educators.

Media: Images, charts/diagrams, video, etc. Does it add to the written information and contribute to the experience of the viewer?

There are multiple types of graphics within the site which adds creativity and enhances the overall look of the wiki. Visual aids are an excellent way to grasp the reader’s attention and allow for clarity which will further increase the reader’s attention towards the written material. There are visuals to accompany the written content throughout the wiki, which breaks up the text and adds visual interest, and makes it easier to read. Our graphics have a professional look and several of the visual aids were created by the group members, not just trolled off of the internet. There is sufficient amount of graphics to keep the viewer engaged. By embedding too many graphics the reader may lose interest.

The short videos on the site again contribute to further knowledge and increase the readers understanding of the written material. The videos are all good watches-illuminating the content in an inspiring way. All videos on the wiki site are related and orientated to adult education.

The links on the site provide the reader with additional information on the topics of motivation and these again are found on each page. These links are also related to just about every subject, allowing the reader to head off and explore in more detail what interested them initially, and some are to the original source material (not Wikipedia!). The videos are all good watches-illuminating the content in an inspiring way. There is sufficient graphics and videos to keep the viewer engaged. By listing too many may loss the interest of the viewer.

Lay-out, look and feel, navigability

The chosen platform was and this provides a professional look for the wiki and as a group we have managed to ensure that all information is relevant and related adult education. The site has a “search” option at the top of the main page which contributes to easy navigation on the site. We’ve used a text wrap around the other content such as images and videos that make the site read professionally. The font and lay-out is consistent throughout the entire site. There are page names listed on tabs at the top each page which again allow the reader to navigate easily throughout the site. The layout of the wiki is very professional and we have managed to create a look which is similar on each page and there are no inconsistencies, which further gives the wiki a well-organized appearance.

Writing and references

The writing is at a post-secondary level and meets all the criteria for level four in the marking rubric. The writing on the wiki site is free of any grammatical errors and is not too technical making it easily ‘readable.’ The site was proofread and as far as we know there should not be any errors.

We have also ensured that all written material and images used on the site has been given appropriate referencing and citation. As a group we also agreed to have a license through the creative commons site so our knowledge, creativity and material can be shared with the rest of the educational world.

We have significantly referenced material, where images were used, the source is referenced but in some cases we have listed a link so it will link the image back to the copyright holder, i.e. Wikimedia commons. All material is referenced correctly according to APA format. Please note due to the ability of the software we were unable to indent the second line on each reference.

Group communication, teamwork, division of tasks

Group communication and teamwork has worked well throughout the last seven weeks. Our team did encounter some difficulties at the beginning of this assignment with communication as the initially communication was rocky but we were able to work through this situation and move forward respectfully and professionally.

Our group was committed to meet by teleconferences and managed to keep in touch either through emails and ensured that any adjustments made on the site were communicated and rationales given for any changes which were required. The division of tasks was fair for each group member and all group members followed through with their load of tasks. A group member would have liked to use a web conferencing platform to communicate rather than by phone; however this just didn’t work out. In the end the ‘old fashioned’ telephone worked fine.

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