What are some of your general principles regarding the creation of positive learning environment in each of the lessons or workshops of the courses you teach?

Define and describe the key terms in the stem. What happened in the 3210 course that drew you to this stem? What elements of the 3210 course are addressed by this stem?

The key terms in this sentence is that it is essential to create a positive learning environment in each and every class in adult education. Failure to create a positive learning environments can impede the adult learner’s learning. Positive learning environments include the physical environment as well of the activities that occur within the class (Ultimate Adult Learning).

What drew me to this stem was during the lesson plan assignment. As a faculty member I have the autonomy to change or develop new lesson plans for the modules that I teach. Therefore I have the ability to ensure that the learning environment is positive.

Every aspect of curriculum development involves creating a positive learning environment. It starts with curriculum development and flows through to the syllabus and lesson plans.

Why did you choose this stem? What caught your attention? What thoughts and/or feelings do you associate with this stem? How did the 3210 course help (or not) you learn more about the material associated with this stem? What did you do to help yourself learn more about this material?

I chose this stem as the creation of a positive learning environments is essential in adult education. Failure to do so has the potential to compromise the learner’s learning.Examples are; they may not feel comfortable to seek clarification, they become unmotivated, and do not engage in class discussion or activities.

What caught my attention during this module of the PIDP 3210 was that I was not aware that the creation of positive learning environment starts with the development of curriculum.

Upon reflection on this stem and this course it has validated the need for lessons plans that ensures a positive learning environment for the students. These lesson plans will aid as a resource to the instructor in many ways such as equipment required, organization of materials, and implementing a variety of learning methods which are all aspects of a positive learning environment. It is essential in adult education that the characteristics of adult learners are implemented into the lesson plans of a course. This includes self-directed learning activities, activities that build upon prior knowledge and experience, active participation by the learners and keeping the learner stimulated. As a facilitator I need to “manage the process through which adults learn. Making it possible for learning to happen by designing and performing all the activities that the learning process requires” (Ultimate Adult Learning),

To enhance my knowledge on creating positive learning environments in curriculum development I have engaged in on-line research, read the course guide for 3210 and reviewed some previous assignments from the PIDP 3100 module. I plan to continue to enhance my knowledge and skill on creating positive learning environment in my lesson plans to benefit the learners that I will be teaching to. This will be done by informal learning and reflection of my current lesson plans.

What for you was a turning point in your understanding of this material? What key insight(s) have been generated for you as you reflected on this stem? Why are these insight(s) significant and/or relevant?

The turning point for me in understanding this material was while I was doing the reading and research during for creating a course syllabus for assignment two. While preparing this document the developer must consider creating a positive learning
environment. This will include the instructional delivery methods, assignments and evaluation methods.

The key insights that were generated for me during this course journal were that the positive learning environment starts with the development of the curriculum and is integrated in the course syllabus and the lessons plans. It is essential for the Instructor to have lesson plans for each session.. Each lesson plan should be “organized around specific learning goals” (Working with Adult Learners –page 4).

Planning is essential as an Educator. Being prepared increases your effectiveness in the classroom setting and creates a positive learning environment for the learners. The learners observe that you have shown an interest in their learning.

These insights are relevant to the adult educator as adult learners are self-directed, accept responsibility for their own learning, have varied learning styles, and have a variety of knowledge levels regarding the content being delivered. Therefore I must chose to utilize a variety of learning methods during each lesson.

How has this stem and the insights you have gained from this journal reflection influenced your ideas of teaching? How will this educational experience inform your professional practice? What are some related practices or activities you plan to introduce (or continue using) in your teaching?

Upon reflecting on this stem it has reinforced that it essential in adult education to provide the learner with a positive learning environment to facilitate their learning and be an effective educator.

In relation to my professional practice as an adult educator, I plan to continue to ensure I create positive learning environments. This includes both the physical environment and learning activities. Creation of a positive physical environment includes; that the room is welcoming, by ensuring lightening is satisfactory, the set-up is inviting, adequate space for the number of learners, room is clean including the white board, equipment is functioning and in the room prior to the arrival of the students. I also must be prepared for class with all required materials for the session are in the class prior to the arrival of the students, ensuring mutual respect including learner to learner and instructor to learner, treat the learners as peers, and allowing the learners to be involved in decision making regarding their learning when appropriate.

This module of the PIDP has reinforced that I need to continue using a variety of learning methods and activities in the class to ensure a positive and stimulating learning environment. Examples of activities that I currently use and plan to continue using in the classroom are; class discussions, participatory group work, problem – solving activities, case scenarios, simulations, self-reflection activities and guest speakers. I must recognize the need and have the ability to change the delivery method when required as not all learners learn from the same method.


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